Robin Lees

Robin Lees Music page.


Robin has over 20 years of musical experience in various genres of music.  She majored in voice performance at Florida State University, studied classical voice with faculty at the North Carolina School of Arts, and performed with Atlanta and Winston-Salem Symphony’s.

Robin’s international experience includes singing at the wedding and reception of Louis Giscard d’Estaing, eldest son of the former President of France, a South India tour in Bangalore sponsored by the Evangelical Free Church of India and for Ravi Zacharias’ India Ministry in Chennai (Madras).  She was also invited to sing and perform two tours at the "World Expo" in Nagoya, Japan in 2005. Robin has led Worship for Campus Crusade for Christ in "Military Ministries", as well as the Soire's in France, also a Campus Crusade for Christ venue.  

Robin spent 10 years writing music for and singing with Second Chance, a contemporary Christian band.  They have released two singles and produced three albums with an independent distributor, which received play on Christian radio stations throughout the country.  She also performed for three years with the band “Robin and The Reason”. She currently is asked to lead worship all over the world including "Womens Ministries", Fundraising Events, TV, Radio.

Robin’s first solo CD “Love Jesus” and “We Will Stand” video was made available in 2000.  She has released two other CD's, "Don't Walk Away" and "Breathe on Me" which was packaged with the book "The Breath of God" by Lori Lynne.  You can also find her single release of "How Did God Feel?" produced at Ocean Way Studios with Conductor and Arranger, Don Hart as well as the Nashville Symphony. Tate Music Group released her CRAVE Cd in 2011. For her latest Cd release, "Songs for the Unseen," Robin teamed up with co-writer Eva Wilson and veteran musician, composer, and producer Randy Younger of Moon Ridge Studios.